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Sommer: With the increase in time, it was harder and harder for us

The Swiss have entered the European Championship with a 1-0 victory over Albania, which did not make the Premier on the Continental Championship. Fabian Schär decided the match in Lens in the fifth minute. Even before the break, Albanian captain Lorik Cana was expelled.

For the first time in the history of the Euro, a sibling duel took place. Granit Xhaka played for the whole game in Switzerland, his older brother Taulant had 61 minutes of rivalry.

“It was extraordinary for the family that the brothers played against each other, perhaps a bit more special for me than Albania was very good and had two great chances, “said Grant Xhak, who recently switched from Mönchengladbach to Arsenal.

Switzerland has the same points in Group A as France, Better score.The country of the Helvetic Cross will compete with Romania and Albania on Wednesday with a home selection.

“We are lucky to have won the first match and kept a clean account. “It was harder and harder for us,” said Swiss goalkeeper Yann Sommer.

Favorit started excellently and opened the score at the fifth minute. On the Shaqiri horn, Schär jumped and retired the defeated goalkeeper Berisha.

The Albanians did not lag behind and after a half hour of play they could cope. Sadiku after Hysaje Passing his own goal to the Swiss goal, but Sommer was excellent.

“We needed to get started well, which did not happen.We were under pressure at the beginning and we were a worse team for twenty minutes. It is much harder for you to make, “said Albania’s Italian coach Gianni De Biasi.

The big complication for the newcomer ME came in the 37th minute when Capan Cana got the second yellow card and He had to leave the field, and the Premiership exclusion in the French Tournament came in the second match.

The Swiss cheerleaders came to life after the Cana’s red card hit the direct kick Dzemaili pole, a moment later midfielder Janova headed into the side net , And Berisha made Seferovic’s shot from an angle.

Similarly, their match was ended in the lead of the second half and goalie Lazio of Rome was also excellently eliminating Seferovic’s shot at the 66th minute. .I had enough chances to raise to 2: 0 or 3: 0. I’m not happy with my performance. I hope I will score Romania, “said the striker Haris Seferovic.

Albanians have been defending for most of the time, but in the end almost a passive opponent punished Sadiku heading into the side net and saved the 87th minute Swiss players have three points for Sommer, who has devastated an attempt by Gashi to be a free substitute.

Albania’s football team failed to defeat the Swiss team for the seventh time, and lost the sixth time. “The key moments were a goal, a red card after a very good Exclusion and three missed chances, especially the last Gashi. We were not lucky today, “added De Biasi.