Fantasy Euro – Summary of the first round

We have the first matches of all six tournament groups and with them the end of the first fantasy football game. One of the more than seven hundred players has taken the first step towards leading the local Euro Football Championship. How does the ranking look like?

After the introductory round of the main groups, the Cecko Stars team of the local C-M @ stera, with an impressive 77 points gain. Just three points behind is the duo of the pursuers of the Bundesliga fan LM and an unknown ghost with the team name Sarmant Team. The winning 72 points of Maroš Veselovský is enough for his Režo’s fifteen squirrel for a running potato medal. The editorial hold on Marek Ustohal’s 63nd place with 63 points.Nothing is lost, point spacing is minimal, and there is still a lot to mix in.

The first round was a sign of the failure of expensive stars, so many could despair that players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Thomas Müller and Antoine Griezmann did not get more than two points and did not meet high expectations. Some of the lesser soccer players, on the other hand, shined like Giaccherini, Hoolahan or Schär. The first round has also shown the importance of a well-established defensive series that can especially help with the defeat of those offensive players with their clean accounts for the promising spot gain.

You can correct your mistakes and mistakes when creating a roster during the ongoing competition by new transfers .However, it is important to bear in mind that only one player exchange is allowed free of charge before the start of the second round, each with four points. This inconvenience can be avoided once for the tournament by using the so-called Wild card, which gives the player an unlimited number of transfers.

If you decide to use the wild card today before the start of the second round, you have time to make the dream changes only until 13:00. Update: UEFA has extended the deadline to 15:00. .

How to do it? Just choose your dream transfers, and if they are more than the only one free, the Wild Card activation will automatically appear above the modified list. Just reconfirm, confirm the changes you made, and you can boldly go into further fights.Still, we would advise beginners not to waste the wild card right at the start, unless their roster is unstable. In the next rounds you will find the same if not more.

Finally, for the previously unregistered players we mention the 49646GM1 code to enter the Euro Soccer League which is free Accessible to all. Insert it in the Leagues section of the box by clicking the “Join a league” field.

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